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Women are cheating, men are cheating, and Katy Perry is kissing girls.

Instinctively I had to indulge my curiosity...
I read today an article  “Cheat and don’t get caught—Women tell you how”.  and this article «that had so violently grabbed my attention»...........And sure enough there it was: staring me right in the face;
I quote:

["(...)Some people just get bored, and decide that they want something more.

Or maybe they are just whores (excuse my language).
But I believe that you just gotta find someone that loves you for you and you love them the same.
I've always said that if someone would cheat on you then they never really loved you at all,you just can't put all of your trust in someone at once, because if they do cheat on you, you have no trust left and you can never trully trust anyone after that, it can mess up a good relationship.
Just remember that the most important thing in a relationship is trust.
If you don't have that you really don't have a relationship.
Just make sure that whoever you have you can trust.
And as long as you're sure that's who you want, and you can trust them, nothing (in that area) will go wrong. But always remember that "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong"(...)
What has happened to the value of a monogamous, faithful, long-term relationship?
It appears that no one is taking that sort of relationship seriously.
I’m not even sure if it still even exists.
Hugh Heffner in bed with his handful of girlfriends, C-list celebrities making out with drunken groupies on garbage reality shows, or even shows like the Bachelor– where the women are quite aware and ok with the fact that the man is seeing many other women at the same time. What has happened to the traditional relationship?
Is cheating now just a part of a relationship, like having your first fight or meeting the parents?
Or are relationships now a part of cheating?(...)]

.... [ohh Really?!hmm..sooo Simple? Unbelievable!]
Two whole pages, a step-by-step guide for men/women to get away with cheating[hahaaha].
But the most unbelievable part of it all is that this advice was coming from women themselves..

What am I missing?
Does everyone cheat? is it just a type? [I can give u some possible answers]

  • Because it sounds like you are a narcissistic douche bag, go figure.
  • People cheat because they don't have it well with the other person..
  • Thats a dumb question, not everyone cheats.

..and [i just realize...]
«What about the other part, the part that no one really wants to talk about?» a outra parte que é traida..fica deveras assim tão triste?!

Dei por mim a imaginar uma mulher a comentar  um daqueles artigos como (por exemplo) o Tiger Woods apanhado a trair..mas que se safou pela "desculpa que está na moda" que é sex-addict [thumbs up to cheat!] e surgiu algo do género:

«Aren’t we the ones who break down in tears when their pig-headed boyfriends/girlfriends cheat on them? Aren’t we the ones who barricade ourselves in our bedrooms for days watching horrible romantic comedies and eating chocolates, when we find out a man/women has broken our trust? Aren’t we the ones calling men/women disgusting filthy pigs for their unfaithful ways and sneaky behavior?»
[I love dramaaaa]

After today it’s reached an entirely different level.

Beneficial information : Just Cheat: everybody's is doing it
Not only are women condoning cheating, they are giving men a how to guide on getting it done “the right way!” And if women know so much about cheating, and how to get away with it- you have to think- then why don’t we hear more about women cheating? You never do. The last female cheating scandal to come across the radar was Leanne Ryhmes. And the thing is- it was in the news for a brief moment, just a flash, and then it was gone. People have already forgotten about it. But when a man cheats, he is branded as a cheater for life, labeled as a disgusting excuse for a human being.

But if you think about it, aren’t there two sides to this cheating equation?

So are men really the pigs? Or are women just better at keeping it a secret?

O que eu acho?
Cheating is about overloading the senses by corrupting their own value system.

[I’ll stick to my good old fashion monogamous "brigadêro".or not.]

From what I've learned, a lot of people cheat. Some people think it's a type but some disagree.

Now there are new rules on cheating.

Some guys say it’s not cheating if you don’t have sex.
 I’ve even heard women saying similar things; it’s not cheating if you’re drunk, or it’s not cheating if you just make out. [All of this is cheating.]
When it comes down to it, doesn’t it seem like we are only cheating ourselves? Along with cheating comes lying, deception, and guilt (for some), and because of those things you aren’t ever able to experience real love.


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  1. "O que eu acho?
    Cheating is about overloading the senses by corrupting their own value system."
    TAU! Mesmo em cheio.


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